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This Isn't Philosophy

Praise for This is Philosophy:

“If the first book of the series is any indication of the rest, it will be a good series indeed. Everything about This is Philosophy, from the series description to the marketing on the website (
www.thisisphilosophy.com), screams “this is hip, down to earth, user-friendly, and cheeky; this is not your grandfather’s introduction to philosophy.” ”
“The text’s scholarship is as noteworthy as its hipness. Hales clearly explains important philosophical ideas with a minimum of jargon and without sacrificing depth of content and he consistently gives a fair and accurate presentation of both sides of central philosophical disputes.”

- Matthew Van Cleave
Teaching Philosophy 36:4, December 2013

On this site you will find resources for the Wiley-Blackwell This Is Philosophy series (Steven D. Hales, series editor).  Books in the series range across philosophy, including an introduction to the field as a whole--This Is Philosophy: An Introduction, by Steven D. Hales--as well as volumes on Philosophy of Mind (Pete Mandik, NEW!), Ethics (Jussi Suikkanen, forthcoming), Epistemology (Clayton Littlejohn, forthcoming), Metaphysics (Kris McDaniel, forthcoming), Philosophy of Religion (Neil Manson, forthcoming), Modern Philosophy (Kurt Smith, forthcoming), Political Philosophy (Alex Tuckness and Clark Wolf, forthcoming) and more to come. Resources include lecture slides, flash cards and comprehension self-assessment exercises, a glossary, an instructor test bank, and more.

This innovative series integrates the content of each volume with digital resources found on this site and on external websites.  Each book is published in both print and digital formats: those using digital editions can easily click through to external resources directly, while those using print editions can make use of the click-through links provided for each chapter on this website.  Instructors don't need to worry about whether students are using print or digital editions, since every paragraph is numbered, making references to particular passages easy, even when students are using reflowable digital editions that alter or remove page numbers. This site is mobile optimized, making it easy for readers to make use of the resources on smartphones and tablets as well as on computers.

The resources on this site will expand as we publish more books in the series, and as the books are developed over time.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and invite you begin exploring the series and this site.